Rookie Group A Pink Hopes to Rise to Stardom in 2012

8 Jan

Despite it being only eight months since their debut, A Cube’s rookie girl group, the seven-member A Pink, has been making quite a splash in the music industry. After enjoying sufficient success with their first single, which was released this past April, the girls also went on to win the title of Best New Female Artist at the 2011 MAMA awards.

After undergoing rigorous training, A Pink hit the K-pop scene with a retro approach, hoping those to target those who are nostalgic for the 90s. Hoping to recall memories of an earlier era of K-pop, when groups such as S.E.S and Fin.K.L dominated, A Pink aims to dominate today’s market with innocent and upbeat charms, with songs such as “I Don’t Know”, and their most recent release “MY MY”. Member Oh Ha Young commented upon their fresh strategy, “While other girl groups tend to focus upon their dancing skills and sexy looks, we have an innocent and pure image. I think that in this way, the audience can relate and feel comfortable with us.”

Also distinguishing A Pink from many girl groups of today, they take an atypical stance on stage names, as they have chosen not to use them, as the eldest member Park Co Rong stated, “I have never considered using any other name other than the one my parents have given me. We want to do out best not to tarnish out real names.”

Despite their high hopes, A Pink also remains realistic in regards to their rookie status, as 17-year-old Kim Nam Ju commented, “In order to boost our recognition, we will need to expand out repertoire. Frankly, we’re new, and are now in the stage of finding our own path.”

With many unique characteristics and confidence in their abilities, A Pink hopes to hit it big in the new year. And with their fresh outlook and idealistic willpower, perhaps 2012 will indeed be the year in which A Pink’s name joins the big leagues. Only time will tell, so stay tuned as we follow developments in A Pink’s career in the new year!

Source: gokpop

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