Actor Go Soo is getting married in February

13 Jan

Actor Go Soo (34) is getting married on February 17th to an art student who is 11 years his junior. His wife-to-be is currently still in school, and the two have set a date after both their parents met last year.

Go Soo wrote on his official fan cafe ‘Angels by Go Soo’s Side’ on the 11th to give fans the good news.

Go Soo wrote, “Dear my beloved Angel family. I write this letter because I have some news that brings me great joy, and I wanted all of you to be the first to know. Everyone! I’m getting married. In 2008, there was a woman that captured my heart. I kept my distance for a long time and hid my feelings for her, but as time passed we realized that we felt the same about one another and very naturally became a couple. We completely trust and depend on one another, and we have decided to spend the rest of our lives together.”

I hope that you will try and understand why it took me some time to publicly reveal my relationship. She is an ordinary citizen and I didn’t want her to feel intimidated by the media,” he continued.

I will repay your love and support my continuing to do my best as an actor and as the head of my household,” he added.

In related news, Go Soo played the male lead in director Jang Hoon‘s movie, ‘Frontline‘. He will also be acting in a melo-dramatic movie this year with actress Han Hyo Joo.

Source & Image: Nemopan | Joongang via Nate

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