Block B chosen as promotional ambassadors for ‘Tokyo Gourmet’

13 Jan

Block B has been chosen as the promotional ambassadors for ‘Tokyo Gourmet‘!

Sponsored by Japan’s Daily Sports, ‘Tokyo Gourmet’ is a large-scale public event project held at Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park which attracts 90,000 people. With Korean culture spreading all over the world, organizers of ‘Tokyo Gourmet’ thought to spotlight Korean cuisine and culture this time, thus inviting Block B to represent the event.

Block B attracted 5,000 fans in their Tokyo showcase alone, and has been touring in other parts of the nation in addition to their recent visit to Singapore, recording exceptional achievements as a rookie group.

Brand New Stardom Entertainment expressed, “We haven’t begun discussions on contracts with Japanese or international record labels yet. They’ve just made their debut in Korea and are still considered a rookie group, so we don’t want them to be judged for their title instead of their skills. The showcases and their fan meets were organized as suggested by Japanese officials.”

They continued, “Block B will be focusing on their Korean promotions for the first half of the year and work to create a syndrome to raise the awareness of the group with the public. That is our priority.”

Block B will be holding their first showcase in Seoul before making a comeback in February.

Source: Allkpop

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