CHAOS member Park Taeyang is well connected for a rookie

13 Jan

Photos of CHAOS member Park Taeyang with various senior artists have caught the attention of netizens.

On the official Facebook page of CHAOS, a photo of Park Taeyang and Trouble Maker duo Hyunseung and HyunA posing for the camera was revealed. In addition, playful photos with TEEN TOP‘s C.A.PDynamic Duo, and other established artists were posted.

Considering that CHAOS has debuted less than a week ago, it is very surprising that Park Taeyang has already made connections with such top artists.

Netizens commented on the photos, “He’s already friends with them?”, “Park Taeyang’s connections are ridiculous”, “He fits with Dynamic Duo for some reason”, “Who else could he be close with?”, showing various reactions.

After releasing their first single, She is Coming, CHAOS is continuing their energetic promotions.

Source: Etoday via Nate

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