Ha Ji Won could make her smallscreen comeback with ‘The King’

13 Jan

Actress Ha Ji Won could be making a comeback to the small screen, as she’s just been offered a role in the upcoming MBC drama, ‘The King’.

Produced by Lee Jae Kyu, ‘The King’ will mark Lee Jae Kyu and Ha Ji Won’s first project together in nine years; the two worked on ‘Damo‘ together, a historical drama that helped skyrocket Ha Ji Won’s career.

With ‘The King’ scheduled to start broadcasting in March, Ha Ji Won’s offer as the heroine has been a hot topic amongst industry officials.

Ha Ji Won’s label commented, “We are discussing her role in ‘The King’, but we are not at the point where anything’s been decided yet.”

‘The King’ will set up a world where Korea is a constitutional monarchy. The plot revolves around the South Korean king being involved in a contract marriage with a member of the North Korean Special Forces.

Source + Photos: Star Today via Naver

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