Leeteuk’s mother tears up after receiving a gift from a Russian fan

13 Jan

Leeteuk‘s mother was reportedly so touched by the devotion of a Russian Super Junior fan that it brought her to tears.

On January 10th, Leeteuk posted via Twitter, “My mother teared up after receiving a gift from a Russian fan… The glass broke as the fan was bringing the gift by hand all the way from Russia… My mother was touched by the fan’s efforts to keep the water from spilling while bringing the gift…”

He continued, “I’m so thankful! The greatness of a fan’s love!”

Leeteuk then shared a picture of a broken snowglobe along with his heartfelt message of appreciation.

Netizens replied, “That’s touching… That’s the greatness of Super Junior! Fighting”, “My heart hurts too looking at the broken glass… I’m about to cry”, “Imagine how sad the Russian fan would have been…”

In related news, Leeteuk will be MCing with announcer Oh Sang JinKim Je Dong, and Boom forMBC’s New Year special, “Idol Star Athletics and Swimming Championships”.

Source: Star News

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