MBLAQ’s mini-album “100%” hits over 40,000 pre-orders

13 Jan

MBLAQ’s new upcoming mini-album ‘100% Ver‘ hit over 40,000 pre-orders.

MBLAQ’s management J. Tune Camp announced on January 10th, “Pre-orders for MBLAQ’s new album hit over 40,000 copies…We’re going to have to keep printing copies all weekend.”

MBLAQ’s new album ’100% Ver.’ signifies that they are fully, 100% ready for their return, claiming that they are “100% self-confident” in the album’s production value, satisfaction, and confidence.

Earlier, the title track of the album, “It’s War, was released with a hot feedback, immediately ranking number one in various search engines and music websites.

In related news, MBLAQ will return and begin their promotions with their comeback stage on January 12th via Mnet’s “M! Countdown”.

Source: Starnews

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