Police dismiss allegations of rape and assault between Darlings and Banas

13 Jan

Several rumors between B1A4 fans (‘Banas’) and Dal Shabet (‘Darlings’) fans have been circulating online, and the severity of some of them have caused officials to step in.

The tension between both fandoms began building at the ‘2011 SBS Gayo Daejun‘. Dal Shabet and B1A4 had a collaboration stage that had a lot of skinship that fans weren’t comfortable with. The criticism and hate eventually brought about unfounded rumors, such as Serri ignoring a B1A4 member who had extended his hand in greeting, and another where a Darling physically assaulted a Bana.

Rumors only got worse after the ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships‘ on January 8th. Online community boards were met with several posts by fans claiming that Darlings had assaulted Banas and even allegedly raped and kidnapped them with several already missing.

The speed at which they spread caused the police to eventually step in. On January 9th, police officials told Star News, “There were no crimes committed at the ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships. There was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary, nor did we receive any reports of such activity.”

Happy Face Entertainment expressed, “These hateful rumors have caused a lot of pain to the Dal Shabet members. We hope that such unfounded rumors will stop being spread.”

Serri took to her own Twitter to express her feelings. “I’m writing this because I’m so upset at the unfounded rumors being spread about me. Please stop talking about these lies as if they are true. Please stop forcing celebrities to feel haunted by these rumors. Please.”

Both Dal Shabet’s and B1A4′s companies agreed that they would not involve themselves in such rumors.

Source + Photos: Star News

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