Sunny Hill to release new single on January 13th

13 Jan

On January 13th, Sunny Hill will release their new track, “In Praise of the Grasshopper“.

The pop quintet revealed the title of the new single and a cut from its music video via LOEN Entertainment’s official artist Twitter.

The unusual title was explained by a representative from LOEN Entertainment, who said, “Sunny Hill’s maxi single title track was motivated by “The Ant and the Grasshopper” from Aesop’s Fables. The track plays on the motif of the story and takes a unique concept.

“In Praise of the Grasshopper” is a collaborative work between hit-making duo, songwriter Lee Min Sooand lyricist Kim Eana, who brought you IU‘s “You and I” and “Good Day”.

The LOEN representative continued, “As the title track was motivated from a children’s story, it has a fun, intriguing concept with an addictive melody that people of all ages could enjoy. We ask for your support and anticipation.”

Source: Star News

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