Troublemaker’s HyunA spotted on a date?

13 Jan

Singer HyunA was recently photographed enjoying some time off at a cafe with an unidentifiable male.

On January 11th, the above photo surfaced on an online community board with the title, ‘HyunA caught on a date‘.

In the photo, HyunA is captured dressed casually ordering coffee with a short-haired male whose back was turned towards the camera. A makeup-less HyunA looked to be really friendly with the male who was also dressed casually wearing a cap and a backpack.

However, after some further research it was revealed that the supposed ‘male’ in the photograph was none other than f(x)‘s Amber. Amber who normally sports a short haircut and enjoys dressing like a tomboy was mistaken for a man.

Netizens who saw the photo laughed as they remarked, “It’s Amber? I heard that they were close“, “Knew it. They looked too comfortable from the minute they arrived…“, “Shocking“, and more.

In related news, HyunA is currently promoting as the duo unit Troublemaker along with B2STmember Hyunseung. HyunA is preparing for her comeback with her girl group 4minute, while Hyunseung is preparing for a world tour with his boy group B2ST.

Source & Image: DongA via Nate

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