Bada gets hospitalized for fatigue and vocal deterioration

14 Jan

Singer/musical actress Bada has been hospitalized for cumulative fatigue and vocal deterioration.

On January 8th, the singer performed for her musical ‘200 Pound Beauty‘ at the Chungmu Art Hall, where she fainted and was rushed to an emergency room at a nearby hospital. By the 11th, Bada’s condition was still weak, and so she was transferred to a bigger hospital in Kangnam.

All of her schedules have been cancelled in order for her to rest up and recover.

A representative from her company reported that she was very sorry for halting her musical performances, and that she wanted to apologize to the staff, actors, and audience members.

In the meantime, it’s been reported that musical actress Jeon Hye Sun will be subbing for Bada in ’200 Pound Beauty’.

Fans are hoping for Bada’s speedy recovery.

Source + Image: Naver and Bnt News

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