Dal Shabet proudly shows off their Golden Disk Award

14 Jan

It seems that Dal Shabet is still in shock over winning an award from the ‘26th Golden Disk Awards‘.

On January 14th, Dal Shabet uploaded a picture onto their official Twitter and wrote, “Together with the Golden Disk Rookie Award! Isn’t it beautiful? See how it looks like Serri’s Penguin lips? But Ah Young… You’re not supposed to eat your hand~ It’s not something you eat~ Very cute and pretty Dal Shabet fighting!

The Dal Shabet members are seen gathered around their Golden Disk Award after getting off stage. Ah Young appears to be chomping her finger in an odd moment of aegyo, while the other members pose prettily for the camera.

Netizens responded with, “No matter what people say, 2011’s best rookie was Dal Shabet!” and “Haha, Ah Young, it’s real! You don’t have to bite your finger to check.

Dal Shabet, along with B1A4 and A Pinkwon the ‘Rookie Award’ from the 26th Golden Disk Awards.

Source & Image: Dal Shabet’s official Twitter

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