Former SeeYa member Boram to come back with an album

14 Jan

SeeYa‘s Boram will return to her fans with a new album this year!

On January 12th, Boram’s agency Core Contents Media revealed, “Although the specifics aren’t set, Boram will be coming out with a new album this year.”

The agency explained that details weren’t clear at this point because they’re still deciding on whether Boram should go alone or with a new group. ”We are still debating on whether Boram will be releasing a solo album as Boram, or be part of a newly-formed team to debut with a new album,” they said.

Until 2006, Boram had been garnering attention as part of female vocal group SeeYa with her outstanding vocals and adorable looks. After SeeYa disbanded last year, Boram worked on her own projects by featuring on producer Shinsadong Tiger’s project album, and releasing “2love” as2Boram, a collaborative unit with Superstar K2‘s Lee Boram.

On another note, Boram has debuted as an actress by taking part in the romantic comedy musical, “Falling For Eve”, which ran from July to September last year.

Source: Star News

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