f(x) snaps a photo with Golden Disk Award trophy

14 Jan

The girls of f(x) showed off their Golden Disk Award trophy.

f(x) leader Victoria shared the above photo via her official me2day page on the 12th and wrote, “Received a Bonsang at the Golden Disk Awards! Thank you SM Entertainment family members, all the unnis and oppas who are always so eager to help us. Thank you to all of our fans. I love you f(x) girls.”

In the photo, members Victoria, AmberSulli, and Luna held the trophy with proud smiles spread across each of their faces.

The girls received the album ‘Bongsang’ award for their album ‘Pinocchio‘ at the 26th annual Golden Disk Awards that were held at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka, Japan on January 12th.

Netizens who saw the photo congratulated them saying, “Fighting“, “Congratulations“, “I wish you even greater success with your next album“, and more.

Source & Image: Victoria’s me2day

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