INFINITE’s L becomes a cartoon character for ‘Come! Convenience Store’

14 Jan

INFINITE‘s ulzzang member, L, has made a cameo appearance in the second episode of Tooniverse TV‘s ‘Come! Convenience Store‘. ‘Come! Convenience Store’ is a Korean cartoon show based off a comic strip published in 2008.

Just like in real life, L’s character appears as a famous idol.  Although L is extremely loved by his fans, he holds a painful memory that no one knows about. Apparently, he had a very bad experience with a convenience store and has held a grudge against them since.

One day, L decides to take revenge and visits a store called, ‘Come!’ while wrapped in a long brown coat to hide his identity. His revenge schemes don’t go as planned, however, after he meets an uberly cute clerk.

You can check out the episode in English subs below.

Source: allkpop

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