JYJ’s Junsu denies his involvement in hotel-building plans for Jeju Island

14 Jan

A representative of JYJ has asserted that member Junsu is not involved in hotel construction plans for Jeju Island.

Various reports have been going around stating that Junsu is on his way to becoming an entrepreneur by constructing a hotel in Jeju Island.

The representative explained that those reports are false.

While the plans are coming from Junsu’s father, Junsu himself is not directly involved. “Junsu has no relations to his father’s plans on opening a hotel business in Jeju Island,” they said. “This entrepreneurial plan is under Junsu’s father, not Junsu himself.”

They continued, “Junsu barely has enough time to keep up with his main career as an entertainer.”

Aside from his work with JYJ, Junsu is preparing for his upcoming musical “Elizabeth“, which is scheduled to begin on February 8th. Since Junsu is required to exude a masculine image on stage, he has been spending his days in the gym and nights working on music.

In related news, JYJ will be holding their first South American concerts in Peru and Chile on March 9th and 11th.

Source: Osen

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