Kim Won Joon of ‘We Got Married’ releases new single, “Love Call”

14 Jan

Park So Hyun‘s ‘We Got Married‘ husband, singer Kim Won Joon recently released his new single album, “Love Call“.

This is his second ‘Proposal Song’, after “Who Do You Think You Are“, which he unveiled on Christmas Eve.

This is a song that the singer personally wrote and composed, and it sings of a man asking his girl to trust and love him, as he will always run to her whenever she needs him.

The song has an addictive ‘punk’ melody and features UV member Yoo Sae Yoon.

Representatives from his agency remarked, “This is the second album that he has personally written and composed after ‘Who Do You Think You Are”. He was very involved in the process of making the album, including everything from the smallest ideas to details of the design.”

Kim Won Jun’s “Love Call” will also be featured on the upcoming January 14th episode of MBC‘s ‘We Got Married’.

Source & Image: XportsNews via Nate

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