Visa problems delay T-ara, Davichi, & Yangpa’s San Francisco concert

14 Jan

A few days ago, we reported that Core Contents Media had delayed their American concert, ‘K-Pop Power and Beauty Concert‘, for reasons unknown.

It’s just been revealed that the delay stems from a visa processing issue from concert organizers.

Though the artists were not at fault, they still felt upset at not being able to meet their foreign fans in person. T-araDavichi, and Yangpa all worked hard for the concert. Unfortunately, due to the concert organizers’ delay in distributing visas, we were forced to postpone the concert until April,” said a representative for Core Contents Media. “We also feel very sorry for all the fans who were waiting for our artists. We promise to perform an even better stage in April.”

If everything had gone according to plan, the concert would have taken place on January 13th, as scheduled.

In lieu of such a hiccup, T-ara will now double back to music program to promote their latest track, “Lovey Dovey“. The girl group is currently scoring four-for-four on the music charts, with a string of successes going back to last summer with “Roly-Poly“.

Source: Star News

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