Wonder Girls’ Yubin abs receiving attention

14 Jan

The Wonder Girls have recently released their new single The DJ is Mine, and member Yubin‘s rock-hard abs which were unveiled in the MV have caught the attention of netizens everywhere.

All of the girls look amazing in the video with their fresh new concept and style, but member Yubin stood out as she revealed her S-line body dressed in a sexy red leather top with a matching mini-skirt.

Not only did she showcase her curves, but also her lean figure, long legs, as well as some well-defined abs.

Perhaps due to her flawless figure, Yubin looked all the more confident even amongst the other talented and beautiful members in the group. She never missed a beat dancing to the song, and boldly waved to her fans during a recent meet and greet.

With their new song “The DJ is Mine”, the girls shook off their sweet image and unleashed their fierce, sexier sides.

Fans responded well to the dubstep-incorporated song and have high expectations for its success in America as well as Canada.

Source: allkpop

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