MISS A Special Showcase in Jakarta, Indonesia Postponed until November

16 Aug

Before this announcement released, MISS A will hold a special showcase in Jakarta, Indonesia on August 31, 2012. You can read it here. The promotor tweeted,

“Sorry for this late announcement, after discussed we decided officially to postpone MISS A SHOWCASE. We’ll announce soon when MISS A SHOWCASE will hold. May be this MISS A SHOWCASE will postpone until November and this showcase will still be held. If you want to refund, you can contact person who concerned when you buy the ticket. But, we assert once again that this showcase will be held before the end of this year, and we’re Sonicma apologize for this inconvenience. We need you all supports SAY A! Thank you 🙂 Once again, we assert that MISS A SHOWCASE just postponed not canceled. For MISS A SHOWCASE’s tickets refund, we’ll announce soon through each ticket boxes 🙂 We’ll anounce when this MISS SHOWCASE will hold and will be held before the end of 2012. Thank you for keep supporting us!! ❤ Until now, we just can announce this to you all. We’ll announce soon for other things 🙂 Keep support us!!! Prices will not be changed, for people who don’t want to refund, you can keep you ticket that you bought.

Stay tuned in koreanaddicts!

Source: Sonicma Entertainment’s twitter

Posted by Admin TS ( @tyasunghae on twitter )




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