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PSY will Hold a Concert in Indonesia on November 25th?

2 Nov

PSY, South-Korean Rapper, will hold a concert in Jakarta this month. Psy gained international popularity with a song titled Gangnam Style. Continue reading

Details of 2PM ‘What Time is It?’ Global Tour 2012 in Jakarta

2 Nov

For the third time, 2PM will be back to Jakarta, Indonesia to hold their 2PM ‘What Time Is It?’ Global Tour 2012. Indonesia is the second country to be visited by them. Continue reading

2NE1 New Evolution Global Tour Indonesia Confirmed to be Held on November 24, 2012!

2 Nov

Popular girl group from South Korea, 2NE1 will hold their 2NE1 New Evolution 1st Global Tour in Jakarta, Indonesia on November 24, 2012. But, details about this event haven’t been announced by promotor. Continue reading

Are You Ready? Wonder Girls, Kim Jae Joong, and Lee Seung Gi will Rock You All Indonesian Fans on Oct 3 & 4!

2 Nov

Seperti yang sudah kita ketahui bersama terkait dengan Wonder Girls, Kim Jae Joong, dan Lee Seung Gi yang akan mengadakan masing-masing konser tur dunia dan fanmeeting-nya, akhirnya moment yang kita tunggu-tunggu tiba juga! Continue reading

MISS A Special Showcase in Jakarta, Indonesia Postponed until November

16 Aug

Before this announcement released, MISS A will hold a special showcase in Jakarta, Indonesia on August 31, 2012. You can read it here. The promotor tweeted, Continue reading

FT Island, Infinite, SISTAR and T-ara to Hold a Join Concert in Indonesia?

7 Aug

As the promotor said that T-ara, FT Island, SISTAR, and Infinite will be joined a join concert in Indonesia. But, it sill a planning. The promotor also haven’t decide when this join concert will hold (maybe in December) and where it took place. Continue reading

Press Release of SM TOWN Live World Tour III in Jakarta, Indonesia by Promotors

7 Aug

SM Town Live World Tour III in Jakarta

Jakarta – With a simple and lighting spark, Korean culture has blossomed in the hearts of Indonesian society. Starting from Korean TV dramas and then branching to films as well as music, Indonesians has embraced Korean culture. Fan clubs were made, dedication websites started to appear, group events and gathering were held, and with no time at all, a new rapidly expanding Korean lover community was born. Continue reading