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‘Dream High 2’ Begins Pre-Production

21 May

The popular drama ‘Dream High’ is getting ready for its second season with the beginning of the pre-production. Continue reading

A sleepy “Dark Eunjung” attracts the attention of fans

17 Apr

T-ara’s Eunjung recently shared a picture of herself on Twitter, commenting “I’m on my way from T-ara group exercise. I’m feeling refreshed and good.* Now, if I could have a wish, I’d want to sleep on a soft bed and get a lot of sleep zzz zzz.” Continue reading

Kim Soo Hyun confesses to be a fan of gymnast Son Yeon Jae

27 Mar

On March 24th, actor Kim Soo Hyun guested on SBS’s “One Night in TV Entertainment” and revealed himself to be a fan of gymnastics athlete, Son Yeon Jae. Continue reading

SECRET’s Ji Eun is amazed with the popularity of “Going Crazy”, hopes to try acting

27 Mar

It’s already been three weeks since Song Ji Eun’s solo track, “Going Crazy“, was released, but it’s still doing strong on the charts, even ranking in the top three on Gaon’s digital chart as of March 25th. Continue reading

miss A’s Suzy discusses her kiss scene with Taecyeon and her weight gain

20 Mar

On March 19th, KBS’s “Entertainment Relay” went behind-the-scenes of miss A’s Suzy’s latest photoshoot and interviewed her on “Dream High” and her recent weight gain.

Asked by the reporter how she felt kissing 2PM’s Taecyeon in “Dream High,” she replied, “Honestly, it was kind of awkward because we weren’t that close yet.  Although the scene aired in the 9th or 10th episode, it was filmed earlier on.  It was very… awkward.”

Continue reading

What’s the story behind IU’s kindergarten in “Dream High”?

6 Mar

For the series finale of “Dream High“, viewers got to fast forward a few years, and saw that the ‘Milky couple’ were still together. IU’s character, ‘Pilsook‘, became a director for the “IU Kindergarten”, a quip that amused many fans. Continue reading

Kim Soo Hyun is interested in an singing debut

6 Mar

Actor Kim Soo Hyun revealed his interest in a singing career.

On March 5th, Kim Soo Hyun guested on ”Entertainment Weekly’s Guerrilla Date.” When he was asked, “By chance, are you thinking about debuting as a singer as well?” With a surprised gesture, he repeated, “An album release?” and then answered, “Yes.” Continue reading