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Super Junior’s Heechul wishes everyone a late Happy New Year’s

14 Jan

Super Junior‘s ‘Big Space Star’ Kim Heechul has just shared his New Year’s greetings with fans. Continue reading

M&D Combine the Midnight and Dawn on High Cut

19 Jul

M&D is the new project by SM which includes Super Junior‘s Heechul and TRAX‘s Jungmo.

Both of them have made their debut with the track “Close Ur Mouth” and are currently promoting. Continue reading

Kim Heechul, Sweats over the translation of Shayne’s words. “I’m sweating because it’s summer”.

23 Jun

Group Super Junior’s Kim Heechul caused laughter as he struggled to translate what the Canadian Shayne was trying to say. Continue reading

M&D Presents “Close Ur Mouth” MV

23 Jun

Finally Super Junior’s Heechul and Jungmo from The Trax have revealed their MV for “Close Ur Mouth.” Continue reading

Kim Heechul wants to be a dad soon?

21 May

On the most recent episode of ‘Dalgona‘, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul revealed a serious side to his usual comedic image. Continue reading

Women in Korea were asked to pick a Korean Male Star that They would like to Date the Most

20 May

Women in Korea were asked to pick a Korean male star that they would like to date the most. Continue reading

Heechul, Junhyung, & Simon D show off their close friendship

24 Apr

On April 22nd, Super Junior’s Heechul, B2ST’s Junhyung, and Supreme Team’s Simon D showed off their close friendship.

Heechul tweeted, “I’m over at Simon D’s with YongYong. I’m not even kidding, we’re always just hanging out with only men, talk about male loyalty. Poor YongYong, he can only ever hang out with men because of me.”
Continue reading