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JYJ’s Junsu denies his involvement in hotel-building plans for Jeju Island

14 Jan

A representative of JYJ has asserted that member Junsu is not involved in hotel construction plans for Jeju Island. Continue reading

2PM’s Junsu hospitalized with a knee injury

14 Jan

A recent photo and comment revealed some news about 2PM‘s Junsu being hospitalized due a knee injury. Continue reading

JYJ’s Junsu Sings for “Scent of a Woman” OST!

1 Aug

Check out the OST song of drama Scent of a woman sang by JYJ’s Junsu. Continue reading

JYJ’s Junsu wows with karaoke live of Secret Garden’s “That Man”

15 May

On May 14th, JYJ’s Junsu performed “That Man” off of the “Secret Garden” OST at his home in Paju in celebration of parent’s day. Continue reading

Junsu’s musical DVD sells 40,000 copies in a week

27 Mar

JYJ’s Junsu has set new records and brought much attention to the Korean musical industry, showing his talent and popularity as a musical actor. Continue reading

2PM celebrates Junho’s birthday

26 Mar

On a recent episode of “Real 2PM“, the members celebrated Junho’s 21st birthday. Though it was actually on January 25th, the group couldn’t celebrate it properly because they had a schedule that day. Consequently, they decided to surprise Junho with two cakes during their photoshoot for Coca-Cola. Continue reading

Starcall, Junho (with Junsu & Wooyoung)

26 Mar

And check the translation below: Continue reading