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DOWNLOAD LINK: [Mini Album] MBLAQ – 100% Ver. (4th Mini Album)

14 Jan

MBLAQ (엠블랙) – MBLAQ 4th Mini Album ’100%Ver.’
Released Date: 2012.01.10
Genre: Ballad, Dance Pop
Language: Korean
Bitrate: 320kbps Continue reading

MBLAQ’s Hello Baby Season 5 Preview

14 Jan

MBLAQ‘s Hello Baby 5 is ready to make A+ have cuteness overload.

The boys will take care of 3 little kids Lauren, Leo, and Dayoung who are from Canada, France and Vietnam. Continue reading

MBLAQ reveals the MV making film for ‘It’s War’

14 Jan

Almost a week ago MBLAQ has returned with their 4th mini-album, and the boys have unleashed the fierce music video for their title track, “It’s War“, and it’s jam-packed with gritty action sequences, high tension, and intense acting from the members. Continue reading

MBLAQ reveals an event poster for ‘Hello Baby’ Season 5

13 Jan

A few days ago it was revealed that MBLAQ would become new dads for KBS joy’s ‘Hello Baby‘ Season 5. Continue reading

MBLAQ’s mini-album “100%” hits over 40,000 pre-orders

13 Jan

MBLAQ’s new upcoming mini-album ‘100% Ver‘ hit over 40,000 pre-orders.

MBLAQ’s management J. Tune Camp announced on January 10th, “Pre-orders for MBLAQ’s new album hit over 40,000 copies…We’re going to have to keep printing copies all weekend.” Continue reading

ZE:A’s Minwoo suffers injury while filming Lunar New Year Special

13 Jan

ZE:A member Ha Minwoo suffered an injury to his face while filming ‘Idol Track-and-Field Championships‘. Continue reading

MBLAQ releases 4th mini-album, ’100% Ver.’

13 Jan

MBLAQ has finally released their 4th mini-album, ‘100% Ver.‘!

Comprised of five tracks, the boys will be promoting “It’s War” as their main song. Fans already received a taste of one of its other tracks with the early digital release of “Scribble“. Continue reading