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F.I.X. talks about their Super Junior connection, OST history, and role models

6 Jan

We’re barely into the first week of January, and already new idol groups have emerged to climb their way to stardom. F.I.X. isn’t your average boy group who rely on pretty boy looks or talented dancers to bring the spotlight — they’ve spent a long while honing their skills in both vocals and composing, and they’re also older than your average rookie. Continue reading

[INTERVIEW] Super Junior’s Ryeowook “I’m Going to be on Musical Stage”

24 Jun

Even though he’s bright and playful, he could not hide his shyness in certain moments. Even though his inherent modesty showed, out of nowhere, he sometimes told me a random joke. While there were many fans waiting for him near where the interview was being held, he did not seem to be conscious of it. When he said hello with his bright smile, I felt as if he was a dongsaeng next door. Continue reading

Ryeowook’s Chinese is most fluent, Kyuhyun strives to be the number one male singer

20 May

SJ-M’s Chinese have improved tremendously, Ryeowook had started learning Chinese much earlier and therefore he speaks the language well. Kyuhyun was also in no way conceding to Ryeowook, as he managed to say an idiom which meant “2 people are able to communicate telepathically without the need for words”, and at the same time he also performed “If You Have Heard Before” without having the need to look at the song lyrics. The original singer A-mei also praised Kyuhyun for his accurate pronunciation, whereas a fan jokingly said that: “Kyuhyun’s ambition of wanting to secure the number one male singer position in the Chinese music industry is back.” Continue reading

Super Junior-K.R.Y. releases “Fly” teaser MV for “Superstar K3″

15 Apr

On April 15th, Super Junior-K.R.Y. released the MV teaser for “Fly“, their theme song for Mnet’s “Superstar K3“! Continue reading

Super Junior K.R.Y to sing the theme song for ‘Superstar K3′

5 Apr

Super Junior’s ballad sub-unit, Super Junior K.R.Y (Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung), will be singing the theme song for Mnet’s reality TV program, ‘Superstar K3‘. Season 1’s theme song was sang byJewelry, followed by 4minute for Season 2. Continue reading

110228 Ryeowook Fancafe message: Today’s the last day of February

28 Feb

Hello~ It’s Super Junior’s Ryeowook.

Today’s the last day of February~^^

Don’t know how the month passed.. I would be in one place on day and in other place the next~~

Continue reading

Super Junior-K.R.Y successfully completes their first Korean concert

13 Feb

Super Junior’s ballad unit, Super Junior-K.R.Y, held their first individual concert over a period of three days, and on February 13th, the boys wrapped up their “SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y THE 1ST CONCERT“. Continue reading