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‘Saving Ajumma Go Bong Shil’ releases new still cuts of Kim Kyu Jong

5 Jan

Still cuts of Kim Kyu Jong in his upcoming TV Chosun drama, ‘Saving Ajumma Go Bong Shil‘, have been revealed! Continue reading

What does Kim Hyun Joong plan to do with the money he’s saved?

23 Jun

On June 23rd, singer Kim Hyun Joong dropped by KBS Cool FM studio for a session with “Ock Joo Hyun’s Music Plaza“. While there, he revealed his reasons for saving money.

The SS501 idol began, Continue reading

Kim Hyung Jun completes a successful concert in Singapore

19 Jun

On June 17th, SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun officially kicked off his South East Asian tour in Singapore with 1,200 fans!

Tickets for the event sold out prior to the concert, and Kim Hyung Jun was greeted by 300 fans upon his arrival at the airport. His popularity overseas proved to be explosive, as fans holding placards and baskets of presents followed his every move, even renting a bus to follow his whereabouts.

Major Singaporean media outlets covered the special events. Performances included all of his solo album and SS501’s “U R Man.” Kim Hyung Jun prepared other events specifically for his fans where he drew their portraits, sang “I Am“, opened a ‘high touch’ event, and even passed out autographed posters.

This tour will continue on to Hong Kong on July 17th and Taiwan on the 24th. As fans already know, Kim Hyung Jun signed with Avex so he will also be performing in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya in July.

Source + Photos: BNT News, Star News via Naver
credit: Allkpop

Heo Young Saeng designs his own smartphone case

23 May

SS501’s lead vocalist Heo Young Saeng has designed his very own smartphone case!

An agency of his representative revealed, “In addition to his first solo mini-album, we worked hard to ensure that his first product was also of the same top quality by making it a soft durable case.”

The case was designed personally by the star himself and is unfortunately a limited edition item. Not only is it a fun promotional tool for the company, but it’s also a memorable present for fans who hope to have a part of him in their daily life.

Fans can check out Heo Young Saeng’s special case through his official homepage.

Source + Photos: Chosun via Naver
Credit: Allkpop

SS501’s Park Jung Min Tweets His Weekend Schedule

21 May

Where will he be tomorrow and tomorrow AND tomorrow? The Twittersphere already knows and it is time for you to find out! On May 20th, Team Jung Min (aka CNR Media reps) tweeted the Singer/Stage Actor’s upcoming schedule this weekend on and off the screen! Continue reading

SS501’s Park Jung Min visits Kim Kyu Jong’s “Goong” conference

21 May

It’s nothing new for Triple S to be seeing the members of SS501 personally supporting each other’s personal activities, but the action still remains heartwarming for everyone. On May 20th, Park Jung Min shared a photo with fellow member Kim Kyu Jong during his visit to his musical’s production conference. Continue reading

SS501’s Kim Kyujong becomes ambassador for Heart Heart Foundation

26 Apr

After being appointed as the ambassador for “Heart Heart Foundation,” SS501’s Kim Kyujong has begun his charity activities. He took up the appointment as ambassador in order to actively return the love he receives from his fans. Last winter, he volunteered at an animal shelter with Lee Hyori and fellow group member Heo Youngsaeng. Continue reading