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Which female idol is the cutest on their elementary days?

14 Jan

Pre-debut photo’s of famous idol singers are quite popular, however netizens compiled a couple of pictures of some female idols on an online community site and asked who is the cutest among the female idols when they were still elementary students. Continue reading

f(x) to share fashion secrets and desires on “Actress’ House”

23 Jun

On the upcoming episode of FashionN’s ”Actress’ House“, girl group f(x) revealed all their fashion secrets. Continue reading

KARA’s Jiyoung shows off her friendship with f(x)’s Sulli

19 Jun

On June 18th, f(x)’s Sulli and KARA’s Jiyoung showed off their friendship with a fun picture together.

Jiyoung uploaded a picture of Sulli copying her facial expression and her pose with the caption, “Ah ah ah, Sulli-ya.” Later, she added, “But looking at the picture again, Sulli and I seem to resemble each other. They do say that those in love begin to resemble each other.”

Netizens commented, “You guys really do look alike”, “It’s so nice seeing them so close!”, “Do you miss Jiyoung?” and “Please let them love each other!”

Source + Photos: Financial News via Naver
credit: Allkpop

Can you find f(x)’s Sulli?

14 Jun

Can you find the hidden Sulli?

On June 13th, the f(x) member wrote on her me2day, “A summer night to get rid of the heat! Please find Sulli in this picture,” and uploaded a picture of herself.

In the photo, Sulli poses in the middle of a painting. Mirroring the girl from the horror film, “Ring”, Sulli poses as if she’s trying to crawl out of the picture.

Netizens were thoroughly amused by the pictures, writing comments like, “The cute person in the middle is Sulli unnie!” and “The second picture really looks like it was photoshopped!”

Source: Star News via Nate

Smoothie King releases making-of clip with Sulli and Victoria

15 May

Several weeks ago, beverage chain ‘Smoothie King‘ released their CFs with f(x)’s Sulli and Victoria. Recently, an additional behind-the-scenes video of the shoot was released! Continue reading

Lee Yong Dae’s ideal woman is not f(x)’s Sulli, but SNSD’s YoonA

26 Apr

On last week’s episode of MBC’s “We Got Married“, athlete Lee Yong Dae was said to have chosen f(x)’s Sulli as his ideal girl. Contrary to what viewers thought, however, his ideal woman actually turned out to be SNSD’s YoonA. Continue reading

Preview Sulli and Lee Yong Dae’s visit to the Khuntoria house!

17 Apr

We shared earlier that f(x)’s Sulli and gold-medal winning badminton player, Lee Yong Dae, were going to make a surprise appearance on “We Got Married” in support of the Khuntoria couple; now, enjoy the preview! Continue reading