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TEEN TOP’s agency, T.O.P. Media, receives complaints from parents

14 Jan

T.O.P. Media has revealed that they are receiving several complaints a day from parents of teenage girls. Continue reading

CHAOS member Park Taeyang is well connected for a rookie

13 Jan

Photos of CHAOS member Park Taeyang with various senior artists have caught the attention of netizens. Continue reading

TEEN TOP members clear up the controversy surrounding the lyrics for “Going Crazy”

13 Jan

Boy group TEEN TOP has made a successful comeback with their new song “Going Crazy“, but the lyrics to the song have recently been swept up in controversy. Continue reading

TEEN TOP releases dance version for “Going Crazy” MV

13 Jan

TEEN TOP drove fans wild with their dynamic music video for “Going Crazy, and now they’re aiming to do it again with the dance version of the MV! Continue reading

Boy groups predicted to dominate the K-pop music scene in 2012

13 Jan

It would not be an overstatement to say that 2011 was all about the girl groups. Girls’ GenerationT-araBrown Eyed GirlsKARAWonder Girls, as well as other female idols topped the charts and had a strong grip on the K-pop music scene. Continue reading

TEEN TOP releases a a studio recording video for “Going Crazy”

13 Jan

After returning with a fierce new concept for their new song “Going Crazy“, the boys of TEEN TOP have recorded a slow version of the upbeat dance track. Continue reading

On the set of Teen Top ‘Going Crazy’ MV

6 Jan

TVN aired a short clip featuring the MV set of Teen Top’s latest song Crazy,check out the video below! Continue reading