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ZE:A’s Minwoo suffers injury while filming Lunar New Year Special

13 Jan

ZE:A member Ha Minwoo suffered an injury to his face while filming ‘Idol Track-and-Field Championships‘. Continue reading

ZE:A announces Philippine Promotional Tour

7 Jan

Star Empire announced on 4th of January that ZE:A will be visiting the Philippines from January 11th to 14th for a promotional tour.  Continue reading

ZE:A’s Siwan captivates with his role on “The Moon That Embraces The Sun”

6 Jan

ZE:A‘s Siwan has captivated drama fans with his role on MBC’s ‘The Moon That Embraces The Sun‘. Continue reading

ZE:A’s manager tweets a photo of Hyungshik’s ankle injury

7 Jul

In June, it was reported that ZE:A’s Hyungshik fell over the guard railing on a yacht during the group’s album photoshoot. Now it has been reported that Hyungshik has run into trouble yet again and has injured his ankle. On July 7th, ZE:A’s manager tweeted photos of his ankle injury, surprising fans.

The photo was taking during the shooting of the music video for ZE:A’s title song “Watch Out!” and a staff member is wrapping a bandage around Hyungshik’s ankle to help with his ankle pain.  Continue reading

ZE:A Hyungshik rescued by his manager and Dongjun after falling into the sea

23 Jun

According to ZE:A’s agency, Star Empire, member Hyungshik fell over a guard railing on a yacht during the jacket photoshoot of the group’s upcoming album. The shoot took place at the southernmost island on Jeju. Hyunshik was leaning on the rail when he slipped and fell into the sea below. Continue reading

Kwanghee’s ‘fashion NG’

17 Apr

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Kwanghee: “Not cool?”

Kwanghee and other ZE:A members attended “Puma Social Club Party” as guest on April 7th. That day, Kwanghee’s fashion was very distracting. He matched heavily decorated in details jacket with colorful t-shirt. Continue reading

ZE:A Kwanghee’s “very” honest interview, for Maxim Korea, April issue

17 Apr

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Well, how would you like to die?
Me, dying? I’d like to die after repenting all of my sins at the church. It’s a different image from what you thought about me, isn’t it? Continue reading